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The Mission of  InterKinected is to foster Contact Improvisation education though classes, intensives, festivals, workshops, teacher trainings, screenings, site specific performances and private instruction.

René Alvarez founded InterKinected to improve the quality of CI education. René’s passion is the process of deconstructing our counterproductive movement patterns. 


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Contact Improvisation.. Intensives, Underscores, Live Streams, Pop-Ups, Privates, Site Specific Performances and so much more.

What is CI?

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Dance, Art, Sport?

Contact Improvisation (CI) is a contemporary dance practice and “art-sport” that originated out of a performance project led by Steve Paxton in New York City in 1972. Guided by Nancy Stark Smith’s publication of “Contact Quarterly” CI has emerged as a technical dance form commonly represented in university dance departments.

Multitudes of nonprofessional dancers also enjoy the social dance component of CI found in many regular local jams and international festivals. People of various physical abilities have found the practice of CI engaging and enjoyable. Venues suitable for mixed ability CI jamming are becoming more common. 

The practice of CI revolves around the investigation of how bodies move/communicate/dance while in physical contact. This does not require music and is most often practiced without music. There are no prescribed or gender based roles. It is an improvisation where the leading and following is always in communication. It is an experience that can range anywhere from a meditative stillness to fast paced dynamic improvisational partner acrobatics.

Skills in CI may include: following/Leading and listening through whatever point of contact is available, moving the point of contact around the body, comfort with many areas of the body being the point of contact, sharing weight and sharing balance, somatic awareness, improvising, personal safety skills, flow, changing levels, comfort in very low levels, rolling/tumbling, lifting and flying.

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